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What is marketing? if we look at the literal definition it goes as follows: 

“The activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

but to us it is much more…

social media management

if there is anything a brand needs, it’s consistency. Content scheduled and ready to go is the most efficient approach according to us.

Content Creation

let’s do a thought experiment. it’s an average Thursday, you haven’t posted anything on Instagram the entire week, oh no, what will you post?! That’s where we come in. We create your content through photography, videography, weekly visits and a content plan.


logo design, car decal, color design, fonts, brand archetypes, everything you need from A-Z

website design

your website is so much more than just a website. it is often the first interaction prospects experience with your brand. we think it should tell your story, clarify your brand and present your solution. 

creative & design

Graphic & web-design are the pillars of brand building.


if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. everything needs to be thought of. we don’t have head room for errors. that is why everything is though of and carefully planned.

social Media strategy

we create a social media calendar for an entire year. That way we never have to think: ‘what will we post today…?’.

platform strategy

if you’re a doctor it’s probably not that interesting to run ads on Snapchat, or if you have a hair salon, you wouldn’t want to look for clients on LinkedIn right? picking the right platform for your message is essential!

digital audit

it is not your job to know what you need. let us take that of your plate. we will go through your entire online presence and business, that way we can provide the most optimal solution to you. of course we will sign an NDA.

content strategy

when creating your content plan we don’t just grab ideas out of thin air! we look at your business, do you have new products coming up, those are all key factors in determing your conten.

website development

Designing is what you want to see, developing is making sure that what you want to see actually works (very simplified). 

website support

if we made new pictures, you have a new product, or you just want something different on your website, we are here to assist you with that. we can show you how you can make simple changes to your website or we can do it for you.


do you want to start selling online or does your brand need an update? We have a background in either shopify or woocommerce. 


We use the latest technology for everything that we do. That saves us tremendous amounts of time which is better for you!