Detailxperts is a business that specializes in detailing high-end cars and protecting them in a self-healing foil. we started out by posting regularly posting on their socials (Facebook and Instagram). It became very clear real soon that it was going to take more to establish an online presence. now we are building funnels, running ads, content creation (photography, videography, editing,…)

let’s look at the numbers. since we started working with them they have seen an increase of 150% in their reach on Facebook and 340% on Instagram. paid reach has seen an increase of 120%. Don’t get us wrong, these are amazing numbers, but to us, it’s just another Tuesday. We

We really enjoy working with these guys, they are genuine, loving people that you can ask for anything. We are proud to say that they are no longer just a ‘customer’ they have become people we see on a weekly basis, people we can call and just have a chat with, they have truly become friends.

Some More Cool Projects

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